Rotators give your driver the ability to quickly dump or invert a load, and then immediately return the forks to the pick-up position in one continuous motion. Cascade rotators are widely used in food processing, automotive manufacturing, chemical processing, recycling operations, smelting and casting operation and general manufacturing – anywhere it is necessary to dump bins or tote boxes.

Rotator Fork Attachments

Product features

  • Rugged Construction
    Cascade’s gear drive box and ring gear design are proven to provide superior durability.

  • Visibility
    Large visibility window gives the driver an excellent view of the fork tips. Center seal locks out contamination.
  • Rotation at Torque
    Good torque specifications ensure smooth, positive rotation of the load
  • Fork bar width
    For bar width – Many fork bar widths are available to suit a variety of applications.
  • Forks Rotators
    Forks Rotators may be ordered with forks or with fork bars only.
  • Dual class 2A, 3A mounting holes on 55G
    For easy conversion of mounting hooks when changing truck sizes.

Good to know

  • 180 rotational stop group – used when stopping rotation at precisely 180 is desirable.
  • Special for sizes and configurations.
  • Quick-Change Lower Mounting Hooks – Allow the rotator to be removed or installed in a matter of minutes without tools.