Multiple Load Handlers

Revolutionary designs that change the way you work. Cascade multiple load handlers are engineered to deliver precisely what you need to move more loads faster while minimising damage. Handle from one to six loads at a time with an attachment, proven to be both versatile and durable. Sideshifting provides added flexibility for aligning forks or pallets in tight areas.


Product features

  • Superior visibility
    through and over the frame for damage free handling at all stacking heights

  •  Durable
    All steel frame for increased overall durability, eliminating flexing.
  • Easy access cylinders
    Can be resealed without removing for quick servicing
  • Bolt-on interchangeable forks
    To pallets and product by ensuring the forks are in the ideal position for the load being handled.
  • Independent fork set control  Allows moving left or right fork set independent of the opposite fork set..

Good to know

  • Full length, fully enclosed wrap around UHMW plastic bearings provide maximum strength and full bearing support, greatly reducing wear on bearing surface.
  • Parabolic fork heel increases longevity in this normally high-wear area.
  • Inner forks mounted on a chrome pin for greater inner fork stability.
  • Quick disconnect lower hooks.
  • Non-sideshifting models available.