There is a Cascade clamp for any application. Whether your are handling baled paper, textile, cotton, tyres, recycling waste or anything in between, Cascade clamps offer a solution. Cascade clamps are durable enough for the toughest conditions. They are versatile and easy to service. Each Cascade clamp is designed to do a particular job, and do it well! So you can always find the right clamp for any load. With these features and a variety of options, the result is faster, safer and more efficient handling, leading to improved productivity, less damage and satisfied customers.

Clamp Fork Attachments

Product features

  • Special frame widths and opening ranges

  • High or low pressure operating system.

  • All units available in basic, sideshifting and revolving models.

  • Variety of arm/fork sizes.

  • Regeneration valve 
     (fast opening speed for low flow electric trucks).
  • Independent arm control.

  • External sideshifting mounting.
  • Hydraulic valve with clamp function on left or right hand-side

Good to know

  • 180 rotational stop group – used when stopping rotation at precisely 180 is desirable.
  • Special for sizes and configurations.
  • Quick-Change Lower Mounting Hooks – Allow the rotator to be removed or installed in a matter of minutes without tools