Carton and White Good Clamps

Palletless handling of cartons and appliances provide more efficient use in space in warehouses and transport vehicles. These clamps are equiped with large, rubber covered articulating contact pads for handling appliances and a cariety of carton boxes.

Carton Clamp Fork Attachments

Product features

  • Greater Visibility
    Driver can see through and around the attachment frame to accurately place the load

  • Load and unload more quickly
    Due to the added ability to easily align forks with load and load to stacks – no more jockeying to get the correct entry position.
  • Minimise load damage.
    Uniform clamp force distribution and articulated pads minimise load damage.
  • Bi-Directional pressure relief valve
    Ensures lift-truck compatibility, the true hydraulic flow divider provides equal arm motion.

Good to know

  • 180 rotational stop group – used when stopping rotation at precisely 180 is desirable.
  • Special for sizes and configurations.
  • Quick-Change Lower Mounting Hooks – Allow the rotator to be removed or installed in a matter of minutes without tools.