Mobile Weighing

Mobile Weighing is a concept that describes an Integrated Weighing System into lifting units:- Forklift Trucks, Stackers, Reach Trucks, Electric Pallet Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Front Loaders, Tele-Handlers etc.

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  • Saving - Saving time, energy, manpower.
  • Flexibility- Weigh anywhere and anytime. Weigh and handle at same time.
  • Workflow - Less integral traffic in and around the facilities. Increased safety by avoiding overloaded shelves, saving space occupied by stationary scales.
  • Data Handling - Effective weighing data reports of each weighing by memory storage.
  • On the spot weighing data print out or data transfer. Wireless data transfer of all weighings.

INS TC2000

Oil Pressure Weighing Kit

The TC2000 provides weighing and data capture of goods directly from the forklift truck in just 5 seconds. By eliminating the need for the truck to be driven to a separate weigh scale, energy used by the forklift is reduced as well as the risks of collisions with personnel. When weighing can be made on the spot, the possible bottlenecks that may occur around an existing static weighing system are relieved.

The TC2000 is a portable and scalable weighing and data processing center that can be adapted to the company’s growth.

The TC2000 is developed for applications, where parameters such as weighing reliability, data registration and the time factor are of significant importance. The TC2000 is suitable in applications where transportation to traditional weighing solutions is complicated or unreachable and in hazardous environments where load cells fail.


INS TC3000

Oil Pressure Weighing Kit

The TC3000 optimizes the complete weighing process by providing a fast, easy to use and accurate mobile weighing solution. The weight is captured during the material handling process directly from the forklift truck. This process takes less than 10 seconds, and the truck does not have to be driven to a separate weigh scale thus reducing energy used by forklift as well as the risks of collisions with personnel.

The TC3000 is developed for industrial and commercial weighing applications, where weighing accuracy, data registration and the time factor are of significant importance. TC3000 is suitable to small or medium companies, where stationary weighing systems will not be profitable and to larger companies in combination with existing weighing systems.


INS TC5000

Fork lift truck weighing kit

The TC5000 is a mobile dimensioning and weighing (D&W) system for forklift trucks. The system is based on a patented hydraulic weighing principle (BMD), offering a unique weighing accuracy, robustness and protection against overload. The dual tilt compensation technology ensures an accuarate weighing result regardless of the inclination of forklift mast to the floor.

Furthermore a new laser technology (LVD) provides fast and reliable measurement of the cargo volume. Additionally, the embedded transient protected power supply ensures that the TC5000 fits almost any forklift truck without further precautions. This, together with the TC5000 data capture features,transforms the forklift into an efficient cargo and data processing center.