Layer Pickers

Beverage warehouses and distribution facilities can benefit from the speed and versatility the layer picker offers. When building mixed-load pallets, the Cascade layer picker handles single layer or multiple layers of both canned and bottled products. Replace costly manual labour with the versatile Cascade layer picker.

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  • Replaceable cylinder mount in boom for easier replacement in field.
  • Cross over relief to prevent over clamping
  • Clamp arm bar brace to prevent bending and twisting from accidental impacts
  • Clamp levelling tumbuckles to adjust and level the clamp to the load/floor
  • Reversible pads are dual drilled once the bottom edge works out, flip it over and use the other side


  • Lower Fork Carriage
  • Center Load Support or "Chimney"
  • Interlocking Finger Pads
  • Product Guards
  • Electronic 90° Stop Group
  • Tray Pack Extension Hooks